hidden away in a rural retreat
I stop

an infusion of simplicity
substituted for chaos
brings heightened awareness:
textured rug underfoot
dog slurping from his bowl
tiny sparks rising in the chimney

brandishing only His Word
I seek God — not filtered

through salty tears of surrender
I eke out my confessions

I cross His bridge to

P. Wanken

written for Sunday Whirl prompt #4 and Sunday Scribblings prompt: surrender


  1. Paula, When I began reading, I thought the lines were Zen-like observations. Some feelings cross traditions. This is a beautiful expression of faith. Thank you for your faithful participation in the Sunday wordles too!


  2. Very solid work. I can never get behind those wrdle thingys, but your work here is kickass. Simultaneously in-the-moment and transcendent. well done.


    1. Yes, indeed, Cathy! Walking with God requires our feet to be moving!

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving some thoughts behind. Greatly appreciated!

      ~ Paula


  3. Paula, this is lovely. A great take on the wordle words. Combining them with “surrender” was inspired. I love the third stanza. And I like the contrasts you make in the last two stanzas. Your “infusion of simplicity” runs deep. Thanks.



    1. Thanks so much, Richard!! I am glad you liked this piece.

      I do enjoy how the wordles have come together for me so far. I thought that it was going to be extremely difficult, since there have been times that a Three Word Wednesday (3WW) prompt proved to be a challenge.

      However…a while back I wrote PASSION FRUIT. It was in response to a 3WW prompt…AND…someone else gave me three words. So I combined them.

      I think that poem gave me the confidence to take on Brenda’s wordles! I’m glad you’re playing along, as well!



  4. Paula, the first time I tried the wordle, I didn’t like it much, didn’t like someone else choosing the words I had to use. However, I now see them as a challenge and most often enjoy that aspect of it. You did a wonderful job with the words, made them slide into place smoothly and with a seeming effortlessness. That’s a sign of good writing. Congrats,



    1. That’s one of the things I enjoy most about the wordle — seeing what everyone else did with the same words. We’re all unique, so our responses will all be unique…in spite of using the same 12 words!

      Thanks for your kind words!


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