Day: 2011/05/25

Here, I AM.

God has a way of getting my attention through repetition. I think that’s the clearest way I recognize His voice through the cacophony of sound in my life. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I recently posted an entry about gossip—and the various places that topic had come up. (Click here to read that entry.)

Well, God is at it again. For the past several days I have been thinking about priorities. And last night, while stuck in traffic that wasn’t moving, I even posted to my Facebook status:  “…pondering priorities vs options”.

So…today is Wednesday. I have two places to go for prompts on Wednesdays. And—surprise, surprise—Robert Brewer, at Poetic Asides, prompted us to “write a priorities poem”. The other prompt is from Three Word Wednesday: use “grin, jumble, and naked” in a poem. Here is the result…


Here, I AM,
exposed, as naked.
My mind is
a jumble.
My life has filled with options,
and You let me choose.

Here, I AM,
in all my weakness,
having failed
many times.
Show me what is important:
Your priorities.

Here, I AM,
forgiven, redeemed.
You captured
all my tears.
Your love has washed over me,
I can grin again.

P. Wanken

written as three shadormas