Night Vision

Photo by Esa Mela Photography

Night Vision

Falling snow
in the light of night
hues of blue
reflecting a bright darkness –
takes my breath away.

By Paula Riggs



  1. Welcome back, Sister! I’ve missed you.
    Coincidentally, I posted a Shadorma today (haven’t done one in a while) & I thought of you because I’d never heard of the form until you introduced me, & now it’s one f my faves.
    Yours, here, rocks & even more so because I get to read you again! Yay!


    1. HI! Thank you ever-faithful poetry brother for always reading my words. I do need to carve out more time to play with words! I am so glad you like the form that latched onto me so strongly! And…glad you enjoyed this one. Esa is a fabulous photographer and his photos often inspire me to write…I just don’t take enough time to do it.


  2. Thank you Paula for your beautiful text. I am so glad you have written several shadormas inspired by my photos.


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