2011-09-08: Effects of Sin

I missed my own church’s service this week due to being out of town (see my post for 2011-09-04 for thoughts on the service I did attend), but I did get the opportunity to participate in my midweek small group discussion about the service. Here are my resulting thoughts.

We read Genesis 3. This is the account of Adam and Eve eating from the wrong tree. Adam and Eve, as the first people on Earth, were the first to do a lot of things…not the least of which was being the first to sin.If you’re unfamiliar with the story, God gave the entire Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve to enjoy…with the exception of one tree. He not only told them not to eat of that one tree, He also told them why: they would surely die. Eve succumbed to the temptation from the serpent and ate of the tree…and gave Adam (who, by the way, was right there with her and didn’t stop her) a bite.

In light of this story, we discussed the definition of sin, and came up with these words:

  • disobedience
  • lack of trust
  • selfishness
  • turning from God

To continue with this story (in Genesis 3) we read that after they ate of this tree, Adam and Eve recognized their nakedness and clothed themselves, and they hid from God in the garden. When God “finds them” (like you can really hide from God!?), he reveals what He meant by “you will surely die.”

So what does this tell us about the effects of sin?

  • sin is not a single act that happens and there are no repercussions–the ripple effect
  • peace is lost
  • separation from God
  • dynamics of relationships change
  • loss of perfection/utopia
  • shame, disappointment, and pain are felt
  • loss of trust

As I read through this list, I think about how each item specifically applies to Adam and Eve (go read Genesis 3 to find these references), but also how they can apply to me. Today. MY sins.

It brings me to my knees. Forgive me, Lord, for not trusting you.

~ Paula

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