2011-08-25: Cutting and Carving

We had a great re-start of our Life Group. I know for me, it was really great to be back together. Our break was needed…but it’s always good to regroup. (Thank you, Gilberts, for hosting a group in your home.)

Sunday we heard from Davy about what we need to do to find the kind of rest that Matthew 11:28-30 can give us. Rest for the SOUL. And I, for one, have been in a place of unrest for far too long…so I was all ears! A quick recap: (1) carve out necessary time with God; (2) cut back on something that is distracting us; (3) get connected with others.

A couple years ago I did some drastic cutting and carving by choosing not to subscribe to TV when the digital conversion happened (and the “conversion box” didn’t work in my apartment). It was a challenge at first…but I found that filling “TV hours” with spending time with God was so much more life-giving. I was also freed up to spend more time with others. Also a great encouragement! But…just like so many things that are “good for us” (like exercise…eating right…flossing…) we (ok…I…) get lazy and one missed day in the Word led to two…which led to three…which led to a month! It’s just as easy (if not easier!?) to fall OUT of a habit as it is to create the habit.

The series Davy’s been in has been the kick in the pants I’ve needed. And Alan’s challenge to us last night at Life Group fits right along with it. It’s a personal/individual challenge to each of us that we can choose to accept or not: to take the next four weeks…to carve out 15 minutes 5 days/week to spend time with God where HE wants to meet us: in His Word. For those who have done the Discover Track program…it’s doing just that. For those who might not have done Discover yet, it’s to just pick a book in the Bible (one of the shorter letters in the New Testament, or one of the Gospels) and read. To hear from God. Not just to “get through it.” We’re not needing to do any speed reading to break any “number of verses in a week” records. Just simply to hear from God. He will speak to us through His Word. If we take the time to listen. So I have some new cutting and carving to do!

I’m excited. I’ll be starting on Saturday with a re-start of Discover. And I know God has good things in store for me. I know the same is true for each of you, as well.


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