2011-08-31: The Pain of Sin

Sin: a tiny word that carries far-reaching ramifications.

When I think of sermons on the topic of sin, I think of the “fire and brimstone” sermons of the Tent Revival days gone by. It’s not a popular topic in our more contemporary settings. However, our discussions at church on Sunday and small groups this week have centered on this subject—particularly as it relates to its consequences and the pain it causes.

One way of looking at the definition of “sin” is “being out of bounds with God.” Another description is being “out of form.” We were not designed to sin. God’s original plan was far different than the life Adam and Eve created for us. And because of our free will…oh, how we often choose to ignore those boundary lines, and walk right out of bounds!

We’re really only in the introduction stages of this series, but already I am seeing the correlation between pain in my life (either that which I have had inflicted upon me—or have inflicted upon others) and sin. I see the correlation between pain in today’s world and the sins of generations past. Even in our labors—women, in childbirth; and mankind, in toiling to cultivate the earth—we experience pain because of that first sin (check out the story in Genesis, after Adam and Eve fall to temptation).

The GOOD NEWS is that we can be saved from sin! I hope you’ll come back in the weeks to come as I journey through this series.

~ Paula

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