Kristallnacht Dreams

abandoned - margo roby promptKRISTALLNACHT DREAMS

My home was
abandoned the night
hell broke loose—
not my dreams.
Concentrating on them helped
me survive the camp.

I dreamed of
having a baby
of my own.
Not a doll,
but being a grown woman.
Married. With children.

Years passed…I
would think about the
doll I had
left behind,
wondering if anyone
found her and loved her.

Or did they
hate the baby doll
as much as
they hated
the Jew who’d loved her first? Would
I ever be loved?

Now, watching
my granddaughter with
her baby
girl, I am
crystal clear on this: never
abandon your dreams.

P. Wanken

Shared at Margo’s Wordgathering