2011-10-23: Reflections…Where am I reflecting?

I’m finally writing this post on Saturday, October 29th. I’ve been thinking all week about what to write regarding last week’s message/teaching.

Our church is in the midst of a location change. For a few weeks we are being creative with our time. Usually we have mid-week small group meetings (“House Church”), but instead we’re using Sunday mornings for our House Church gatherings. And during the week this past week, we had a church-wide bowling night.

As I’ve contemplated this temporary shift in scheduling, I’ve been thinking more about “church” as who we are — not where we meet. And as I have been thinking about reflecting, I’ve wondered where we — as the Church — are doing our reflecting.

Last Sunday, in our House Church meeting, we had a great discussion. We talked more about what it means to reflect. What it means to turn to God. What it means when we keep our face turned toward Him. We definitely reflected Him in our discussion on Sunday…and I cannot help but think that we each did a bit of reflecting everywhere we went this week. Including the bowling alley.

~ Paula


  1. I hope that I reflected Jesus through my week. I know I did well with others, but when I’m by myself, I often find myself not up to par. This only means growth for me in my personal relationship with Christ, and I’m excited & humbled simultaneously the closer I get to know intimately God every day! Thanks for your encouraging message Paula that’s rooted in the Truth!


  2. Paula, you were the perfect example of reflecting Jesus last night while we were instant messaging. I wanted to thank you again. You have a great deal of knowledge for a whippersnapper.


  3. Paula, thanks so much for sharing through your writing. It means a lot to me to read your thoughts about what we’re walking through in our church family, and I know it does to many others as well! I appreciate the way you’re reflecting!


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