Month: June 2011

Simple Piku

I am beat.

must get some sleep.

P. Wanken

This form is “Piku” ~ taken from the mathematical term “pi” (which is 3.14) and the poetic form “haiku” (a 3-line poem of a certain syllabic length). This form is three lines, following the syllabic pattern of 3-1-4 (in reference to the math term “pi”).  Get it!?  🙂  Makes for a very short, simple poem. Which, in its very nature, addresses the Theme Thursday prompt for today:  “simple”.  The picture of a mathematical equation is also a part of the prompt. It is what made me immediately think of the piku form.  [As a side note: it took waaay longer to write these “process notes” than it did to write the poem! LOL]

The Beginning of Each End…and Back Again


sun is setting
its last rays shining
over my left shoulder

cross-legged I sit
atop a field of blue, yellow and green flowers
soft balls of fur on either side

it is not pen and paper, I use
just my laptop
sleek in its silver shininess

the only sound
my computer as it whirs
my cats as they purr

so often
it is through tears I type
water on the nightstand, a must

this is where I start
each night, the same
right here, write now

it’s the ending
that is always

each poem
a collection of words
transporting me somewhere new

the path stays close
encircling my thoughts, my life

other times
I find myself wordling my way
into stories that once upon a time did not exist

each “write now”
expands my horizon
forever influencing my “right here”

sun is setting
its last rays shining
over my left shoulder

P. Wanken

This poem began as a “write here, now” poem for part one of a prompt offered by We Write Poems prompt #59, provided by Pamela Sayers. The following week (prompt #60) asked us to venture out a bit further — to go beyond the “write here”. I extended my original poem (describing where I write) to reflect a bit of where I go with my words.

Beam Me Up!


not all that great

life down here
be quite a drag

let me see
from your view point

beam me up
your tin can please

P. Wanken

written for Poetic Bloomings prompt #9, Deep Space Nine:

Vantage point plays an important part in firing up our muse. The view from the ground varies greatly from the treetops. We see things slightly different. Today we are exercising our imaginations and playing with our perspective. So let’s blast off!

Your tether has broken away from the command module, and you are adrift in deep space. You are Major Tom floating by your “tin can”. But, you are not in danger. Until they can reel you back in, you have nothing but time to poem; equipped with your message board and an extraordinary view of the universe.

Write your poem, remembering your vantage point and your over-active imagination. “Can you hear me, Major Tom?”