Fifty Years In Seven Days



sunshine smiling down
on pigtailed girl as she reads ~
childhood on the farm

storms were brewing on
not so distant horizon ~
household divided

nearly straight A’s
by graduation day ~
hard work pays off

some things are given
while other things are taken ~
childhood was ended

twenty-nine years pass
into year number thirty ~
milestone or millstone?

leaving the Midwest
for hotter desert pastures ~
family comes first

I wasn’t ready
for Dad’s diagnosis ~
death came knocking

P. Wanken

Shared at Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT 185 – What A “Week” It Was!

The prompt was to write a series of seven haiku — covering a week. Instead of doing a consecutive week, I first considered doing a series of seven that covered the lifespan (the “ages of man”) in the universal sense. However, I ended up seeing images in my mind — snapshots of life. So, my series covers fifty years instead of seven days. And — while these seven stanzas are haiku-like, I do not pretend to have any skill in writing real haiku. That takes more time to master than the short 5+ years I’ve been writing poetry.

A Dandy Life


image found on pinterest


The promise
of sunnier days
comes as the
bright yellow
splashes of color after
long gray winter days.

A tiny
seed of hope floats on
the wishes
made in warm
summer breezes, as autumn
softly approaches.

P. Wanken

Shared at 1Sojournal for NaPoWriMo – Day 30.

Finally getting around to posting what I wrote on Day 30 for April’s Poem-A-Day challenge!


shoreline - 1Sojournal

Shoreline (by Elizabeth)



With anchor lifted and tethers removed, she drifted along the familiar shoreline until an unseen force moved her to deeper waters. The fear of the unknown, and sense of despair in being alone, lapped against her. Surrounded by familiar shades of blue, she was led through calm seas as well as storms as she trusted that her current path would lead her to a shoreline once again.

Calm water
and choppy seas ~
life’s journey

P. Wanken

Shared at 1Sojournal for NaPoWriMo – Day 24.