2011-07-31: Goals

The focus of today’s message was about setting some goals for us. Individually and as a church. Things like getting some prayer groups started–for the men, as well as the women. Engaging our friends and neighbors in a more purposeful way…inviting them to some key events coming up. Getting involved in Discover Track mentoring…either a “re-start” for those who have gone through it already, a new “next level” track for those ready to do so, or for those who haven’t done it at all: get started!

I know I felt a little (ok, a lot) convicted by Davy’s words. I have been struggling with some stuff and it’s had me pretty inward-focused for a few months. While it’s true that it is hard to be of much use to someone else when in the mire, it’s also true that I can be looking for ways to get out of the mire (ie. time in the Word and prayer, with my focus outside of myself) rather than ways to wallow in it (ie. the nightly pity party of tears).So…what have I done about it this week? Unfortunately, not a darn thing.  Until now. I’m at least putting it in writing that I need help. I need you to ask me if I’ve gotten back into my daily Bible reading. I need you to ask me if I’ve spent some time in prayer. I need you to ask me what God is speaking to me lately. Because I know He is. I just haven’t been listening. I’ve been too busy crying.

And I can do the same for you. I can ask YOU what God is speaking to you. If YOU have been in the Word. That’s what community is about. LIVING life together. Growing together. Challenging one another. And being there with a gentle nudge–or a swift kick. And a prayer.

~ Paula

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