Day: 2011/05/11

When did it happen!?

Just yesterday I was thinking about the fact that I’m on the downhill slide to my next birthday. I’ll be 45 in less than four months! No longer “early 40’s”. Nooo-sirrrr-eeee. Can’t get much more “mid-40’s” than that. And I wondered how I got here. How did I end up 45 (nearly), never married, no kids? How did I end up middle-aged, buying sensible shoes, and alone? Though this poem reflects on that part of my pondering, I went on to think about the many blessings from the past decades — things I might not have gotten to do or experience had I been married with kids. I guess there’s always a trade-off. I also read this morning that even if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it still needs to be mowed!

So…no regrets. But I still wonder: “When did it happen!?


When I wasn’t paying attention,
I began squinting in bad lighting,
their music became too loud,
and I bought shoes that were sensible.

When I wasn’t paying attention,
I became a middle-aged woman.

2011-05-11 8:20 p.m.
P. Wanken

written for Poetic Asides Wednesday prompt:  write a “when you’re not paying attention” poem

managing to write

Though I have been a bit overwhelmed with life these past couple weeks (and recovering from the pace of National Poetry Month in April), I have remained committed to posting SOMEthing each day. Writing has opened up an entire new world of expression for me, and I refuse to let life overwhelm me to the point of not writing. A friend suggested that my writing might even increase — I haven’t found that to be the case, but I have yet to allow the numbness and weariness to overtake my echoes.

So today…I eke out a simple haiku:

brandishing my pen
forbidding you to stop me
managing to write

P. Wanken

The last word, “write”, could be substituted with “feel” or “grow” or “live”…all of which are encompassed in my new-found need to write…

written for Three Word Wednesday prompt: brandish, forbid, manage