2011-08-07: BIG Plans

For those of you who missed Davy’s message today, I want to let you in on a little secret:God has BIG PLANS for your life!!

The question is…are we willing to let Him do something big!?

We’ve been in Acts, looking at Paul and his life & ministry. In light of “big plans,” how did Paul “go big”…and then, in turn, how do WE go big? Well…let me tell you the three things Davy passed along to us…

  1. Break out of some old patterns. We’re all creatures of habit. We do the same thing today/this week/this year we did yesterday/last week/last year. It’s comfortable.  Look at Paul in Acts 9. What happened?  It was definitely something big!  God can knock us off a horse…but what do we do afterwards? That’s where the rubber meets the road (or…the hooves meet the sand).
  2. Become significant in someone’s life. Again, looking at Paul (in Acts 16 now), did he let the Damascus Road experience simply change his beliefs? Just a change on the inside?? Maybe even an outward change in his own life??? Nope. There was more to it. He not only believed and had a changed heart. And he not only stopped persecuting Christians. He started having a profound impact on those around him. He became significant. Just ask the jailer who was about to kill himself. (Well, ok, you can’t ask him…but you CAN go read about it!)
  3. Believe in your place in the world. This gets us out the door and breaks us out of some of our old patterns. It gets us in someone’s life in a significant way. Believe. God’s put us in the lives of those we work with…live next door to–or down the hall from…it’s not be happenstance. It’s because GOD believes in us. Believes in you. In me. We must believe in ourselves. Because…God is ready to do something BIG in our lives…if we let Him.
Let’s “GO BIG or go home!”

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