A Moment With Monet

Impression, Sunrise


(a shadorma)

morning light
shimmers on the sea;
by blue hues
they will journey together:
father, son, and sun

P. Wanken


Inspired by a prompt at dVerse Poets Pub.  The exercise was actually to use the mindset of the impressionist painters, who used “broad strokes” to convey a particular moment in time. They didn’t take the time to capture all the details. Instead they gave an “impression” of the moment by quickly capturing the mood in the broad strokes technique. The folks at dVerse used the above image as an example of an impressionistic painting (this one, by Monet). The exercise wasn’t to use the image as a prompt. We were supposed to find our own subject and write as an impressionist would paint. However, I was so captivated by this image that the above shadorma came out in a matter of about two minutes. I hope the folks at dVerse won’t mind. 😉 Click on their name (above) to go to their prompt and to read “impressionistic poems.”

I’m also posting this to “100 Days of Summer” for Day 37.


  1. ummmm like this one, very very nice:)

    Do NOT feel as you have to return comment… we are all spending so much time commenting we don’t have enough time to be creative 🙂


    1. Thank you, Len! I cannot NOT comment…I’m always so encouraged when ANYone leaves a note that I want to at least acknowledge with a “thank you.” 🙂

      (Now…on to being creative…)


    1. Thank you, ViV, regarding the poem, anyway. If I happen to bump into Mr. Monet, I’ll pass along your kind words! 😉 (It IS a gorgeous painting, isn’t it!?)



    1. Thank you, Sara. It was a great painting to use as a springboard. As for “two minutes” — sometimes the words just jump onto the page. 🙂


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