100 Days of Summer 2012

Six Word Saturday…10/13/12

Almost made it to one hundred.

Thanks to all those who cheered me on in the "100 Days of Summer" challenge. I got behind a couple times and posted a day or two late, and nearly made it to 100 by the 100th day (yesterday). Stay tuned...November 4th kicks off the "100 Days of Fall/Winter."


Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read how others describe their life in six words; also posting as Day 100 at “100 Days of Summer” challenge, click here to go to the group’s home page on Facebook.

Inhalations of Contentment


Burn the want
out of every moment,
for when we want
we forget what we have.

P. Wanken


Written in response to Poetic Asides prompt #196 to use one of six suggested first lines to create “What’s New”. The “form” is for Poetic Bloomings In-Form Poet Prompt:  Carpe Diem. Also posted for Day 99 at “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook.

On To A New Stage


Not long ago,
after we first met,
he was putting on a show
under the basement stairs
(his stage)
beating out a rhythm on his drums.

How is it possible
that twenty-six years have passed?

And now I wait
for one of his biggest shows ever.
As he takes center stage
it will be his heart
that is beating out a perfect rhythm
for his bride.

P. Wanken

~ for Patrick ~


Patrick -- on guitar

Patrick — on guitar

Posted for Day 98 at “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook.