My Happiest Place On Earth


(a shadorma)

the tension
furrowing my brow
no longer
listening to quiet, I
discover I AM

P. Wanken



This poem is inspired by three prompts.

First, the new “Music Notes” prompt from Elizabeth. In a nutshell, she’s posting a link to a song on on Tuesdays and our responses will be posted at her site on Thursdays. Her inaugural challenge is Neil Diamond’s song “I Am…I Said.” We were instructed to use it as a jumping off point to write in whichever direction it takes us…as long as our response is 15 words or less. The words “I AM” always remind me of the Lord speaking to Moses.

The second prompt is Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts “Vacation” poem. The challenge, though, was to tell you about my vacation without telling you it was a “what I did on vacation” poem.

And finally, for Day 36, this is also in response to one of the week’s themes over at “100 Days of Summer” (on Facebook): “picture perfect.” That’s what I described, a picture perfect respite from the daily tension, being able to get quiet, and discover more of God and who He created me to be. 


    1. Thank you, annell. Not sure which of the three you’re talking about, but thanks! 😉 (That’s what happens when there are so many good prompts out there…to fit ’em all in I need to mash some together.) Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Elizabeth, I love your prompt site and the idea of responding to music. I’m a few months shy of the end of my second year of writing poetry…and in the past 18+ months I have certainly found that I listen to music differently than my pre-writing days. So – not sure I’ll be able to write to your prompts weekly, but I hope to be there frequently!! And yes…there was a sigh of contentment along with that vacation. Unfortunately it was a number of years ago, but it has stuck with me all these years and I go back there (in my mind and spirit) quite frequently.



  1. It was interesting hearing how the three prompts came together in this. Yes, you have challenged me to go off and try the 15 word thing. I know, I know: be quick about it!


    1. It really was a perfect vacation…and, according to your prompt, I was able to take the liberty to write about a vacation that wasn’t necessarily this summer. In fact, the vacation I wrote about was in 1996. Can you believe it has stuck with me as one of the best ever? As I mentioned in my comment (above) to Elizabeth, I go back there in my mind–and spirit–quite frequently.

      The challenge for me in this was making my shadorma only 15 words AND only 26 syllables! 😉


      1. Very impressive! I’m still behind… I may catch stuff up by Elizabeth’s next one.

        As for the memory, oh, yes. I have ones from the ’60s that remain vivid. 🙂


  2. Paula, That poem makes me take a deep breath and exhale–so peaceful and perfectly stated. Very impressive to respond to all those prompts in one poem, with so few words and yet say so much 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sara. I had a couple days for this one to gel. I had quite a bit of it together but I needed it to be only 15 words or less.

      Always appreciate your feedback and support!


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