The gentle lapping of waves
against the small boat
calms me; lulls me.

With eyes closed I can see
the small family of three,
with their dog alongside.

Their voices, like music,
as they gather their things
after a full day at the beach.

Playing. Chasing.

I feel myself smiling
as I watch the scene unfold.
Opening my eyes,

the smile fades
as I stare blankly
into my empty horizon.

P. Wanken

Beach at Night

(Photo credit: squeaks2569)


Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 27: Horizons.


  1. Oh dear–you were painting such a lovely picture, too. I love hearing water lap against a boat, dock, shoreline–what a wonderful sound, thank you for making me think about it 🙂


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