Driftwood (Photo credit: NoJuan)


Driftwood triggers thoughts and feelings I can’t quite explain. Like a foggy dream that won’t come into focus; pieces of a puzzle I cannot connect. Memories of dad drift in and out of my mind – of us walking the shore…searching. He would toss chunk after chunk of wood back to the ground. Not quite right. Was I too young to ask the question? Or, to understand the answer?

drifting along
exposed to the elements
shapes who we are

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 28: Driftwood.



  1. Very nice. We always love the driftwood along Lake Superior & the Great Lakes. It feels so filled with history. We have found old pieces of shipwreck, with hardware, too.


  2. Driftwood is kind of mystical–my mom loved to rummage around on the beach–I always loved that soft weathered feel of it–it could be so smooth it looked like a stone. Those last three lines are fantastic!


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