Christina’s World

painting by Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World


Simply put,
her corner in life
was smaller
than most owned.
Yet, in the smallness, she had
more than she hoped for.

P. Wanken

Inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s painting of the same name.
Shared at Poems of Garden Gnomes.


    1. Thanks for the added inspiration. And…next time you’re at the post office, check out the sheet of Andrew Wyeth stamps. It was standing in line at the post office for a while, looking at them behind the glass on the wall, that first started nudging me back to writing. Ekphrastic poetry…always a draw for me.


  1. Nice one, PW. I was beginning to worry about you. I checked out Facebook & saw that you hadn’t (completely) vanished, and it sounds like you’re doin OK, so that was somewhat reassuring. I miss you and all those lovely shadorma…
    Hope to see more of you.


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