Where dirt roads were without directions or landmarks (unless you were from there, then you knew to turn at the corner where Kenneth’s house used to be). How often I traveled the six dusty miles into town. There, streets had stop signs instead of stop lights and were lined with houses that I knew what they looked like inside, and who was sitting around the kitchen tables (many of them, my relatives). Life took me far from there, four states away, and my time spent on those dirt roads and quiet streets have been few and far between. On Mother’s Day, my voice travels back on a different path, to be at that place once again…I’m grateful for the visit by phone, but there’s no place like home.

the road less traveled
is the one that takes me home ~
time to plan a trip

P. Wanken

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Worst case / Best Case / (Suit)Case Closed

Worst case / Best Case / (Suit)Case Closed

with stage four cancer,
plays lotto
and wins big.
What’s your plan for the money?
Trip to Italy!

P. Wanken

Besides being a Shadorma, this is sort of a “Found” poem, as I read this headline: “Man with stage 4 cancer has big plans for his lottery winnings“, just before I read today’s prompt at Poetic Asides.

A Lover’s Flight

Photo Credit: Arja Kiki Kivi

Photo Credit; Arja Kiki Kivi

soaring as if on eagle’s wings
I rise above the clouded sky ~
the sun’s warm rays penetrate me
 my lover’s wanting gaze

P. Wanken 


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 12 ~ Yellow.  Also posted for Micro Poetry: Ryuka, another Japanese poetry form.


Author’s Note: 
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Arja Kiki Kivi, for letting me use your photo for my poem.