Six Word Saturday…3/24/12

Does this mean I’m Texan now!?

After living in Texas for nearly nine years, this is the first time I’ve fallen into the springtime tradition of traipsing into the wildflowers for a picture in the bluebonnets.

All the rain we’ve had this year has made for gorgeous flowers…
I just couldn’t resist!

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change of scenery

change of scenery

stepping through the door
was like walking through time
the brisk air riding the wind
nipping at my nose, brightening my cheeks
the scent, breathed in deep

my eyes closed against the cold
and the parking lot in front of me disappeared
in its place appeared a farm
a pasture under a blanket of white
a sled in my hand, Prudence my St. Bernard at my side

in a blink my eyes opened again
staring down the row of cars

closing my eyes to Texas
I see Iowa once again
the campus, though white, bustling with activity
football players lobbing snowballs
at the book-laden coeds bound for the library

I breathe deeply.
I open my eyes.
And I smile at the smell of winter.

2011-01-12 10:15 p.m.
P. Wanken