A Journey’s Reflection


There have been days on this journey that I would have liked to skip — days that were very difficult. Days that inflicted great pain—not always physically, but the pain that comes with deep emotional wounds. However, the same journey that has brought such pain has also been interwoven with great joys. And it is the combination of the two that have shaped me into the person I am today. Someone with deep faith, strong loyalties, persistent courage, and a passionate and compassionate loving soul. I would not change a thing.

inflictions and joys ~
both, in combination, seen
in my reflection

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Asides April 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge DAY 7: Self Portrait 

Tears From Cloud Nine



way up
to cloud nine,
I hit turbulence.
The skies turned grey and the sun hid.
Darkness enveloped me, storms battered me, and rain fell.
Each droplet mixing with my tears
as they descended
to the ground,

P. Wanken


Inspired by Poetic Asides #212: Descending.


— a diamante —

physical emotional
loving arousing surrendering
joy bliss sadness sorrow
afflicting hurting abandoning
emotional physical

P. Wanken

Inspired by Tuesday Tryouts prompt to write a Diamante poem. I wrote my first one after several attempts, and had other ideas in mind, so I decided to give it another go. To read more about the Diamante, visit Margo Roby’s Wordgathering; I am also posting this for Day 9 of “100 Days of Summer.”

Forgiveness is Healing


an ordinary day had begun
not unlike thousands before it;
breathing, my only activity

I had heard there was One
who could heal my body,
and He had come to town

there was no way for me
to see this man, this healer;
my only chance would pass me by

envy clouded my vision;
anger, like stones, thrown
at all those I heard walking past

lying there on the hearth,
I felt alone, forgotten;
groping for a reason to live

and then

in a flash of activity, four men
from town entered, picked me up,
carried me out the gate

excitement bubbled out of them
at the prospect of what could be
a chance for me to rebuild my life

my heart began fluttering
as I realized where I was going
and the love of those taking me there

as I was lowered
through a hole in the thatched roof
I saw those faces peering down on me

and I prayed for forgiveness.

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl, to write a poem to include the following words: thatched, bubbling, forgotten, fluttering, hearth, breathing, stones, gate, thousands, flash, rebuild, and grope. The story is based on my interpretation of what the paralytic man in Mark 2 might have been experiencing prior to his healing.