Captain Black


As his scent
lingered in the air
long after
her heart and home were wrapped in
memories of him.

P. Wanken

 Shared at Poems of Garden Gnomes.


I remember smelling my grandpa’s pipe long after he passed. I’m not 100% certain that Captain Black tobacco was what he used, but my very distant memory recalls the tin shown here.

Past Fears


My journey has taken me to many places around the world…I can close my eyes and remember when I walked the manicured grounds of Windsor Castle where daffodils were in full bloom; I breathed in the fresh air of the rugged Swiss Alps; I swam in the bluest of blues of the Mediterranean Sea off the shores of Crete; and I traveled the countryside of Romania past colorful gypsy villages.

However, my journeys have been alone. No one to walk beside me. No one with whom I can look back on these times as being shared memories. I can close my eyes and see the room that was never a part of my journey. Where darkness was brightened by candles. Where a white gown was shimmering across the dance floor, a glow matched only by the radiance on a bride’s face.

who will remind me
of the journeys in my life ~
I walk alone

P. Wanken

Shared at 1Sojournal for NaPoWriMo – Day 12.