lessons learned

A Good Sport


every game he was there
in the stands, cheering me on
my biggest fan

without fail, he would come straight
from work, still wearing that Bulldogs tie and
brown suede coat

I wonder if he knew how much it
meant to see him there, even as I waved to him
from the bench

his unending love and tireless
support, taught me the most about being
a good sport

his lessons continue as I watch my kids play,
from my seat high in the stands, where I wear my coat
and Dad’s Bulldogs tie

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Asides 2012 PAD Challenge Day 25: write a “sport” poem.

Six Word Saturday…8/13/11

I wish I could have do-overs.

This morning I have been reflecting on a wide variety of things. Events I wish I could do over for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing them again. Or situations where I know there were missed opportunities that, if given the chance to do over, I wouldn’t miss the second time around. And then there are the times of greatest pain. It sure would be nice to have a second chance at avoiding pain.

Yet, I also know that every event and experience thus far has shaped who I am today. The only thing I can do is to learn from them!

written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read other posts.