Sevenling by Mrs. C (Here Comes The Cold)

SEVENLING by Mrs. C (Here Comes The Cold)

Crunch of autumn leaves underfoot
as crisp air turns cheeks pink.
Scent of a fireplace somewhere in the distance.

Snowstorms around the corner
with biting cold temps, cold stiff joints
and little sun.

Here comes the cold, and the Season of Hope for all.

P. Wanken

 Shared at Poems of Garden Gnomes.


shoreline - 1Sojournal

Shoreline (by Elizabeth)



With anchor lifted and tethers removed, she drifted along the familiar shoreline until an unseen force moved her to deeper waters. The fear of the unknown, and sense of despair in being alone, lapped against her. Surrounded by familiar shades of blue, she was led through calm seas as well as storms as she trusted that her current path would lead her to a shoreline once again.

Calm water
and choppy seas ~
life’s journey

P. Wanken

Shared at 1Sojournal for NaPoWriMo – Day 24.

Kristallnacht Dreams

abandoned - margo roby promptKRISTALLNACHT DREAMS

My home was
abandoned the night
hell broke loose—
not my dreams.
Concentrating on them helped
me survive the camp.

I dreamed of
having a baby
of my own.
Not a doll,
but being a grown woman.
Married. With children.

Years passed…I
would think about the
doll I had
left behind,
wondering if anyone
found her and loved her.

Or did they
hate the baby doll
as much as
they hated
the Jew who’d loved her first? Would
I ever be loved?

Now, watching
my granddaughter with
her baby
girl, I am
crystal clear on this: never
abandon your dreams.

P. Wanken

Shared at Margo’s Wordgathering