In HIS Honor


In HIS Honor

In the doorway
where she stood,
she knew she must be
to her Creator.
she still asked
for the cup to pass.

With His eyes,
she had seen him—
who he was
created to be; and

he had allowed the enemy
to wreak havoc
in his life;
a blur
of self-doubt
altered his path…
and hers.

With His heart,
she had loved him—
and he broke it; and

with every piece
of her broken heart,
she spoke
the truth in love.
they cried…
he had gotten
a taste of regret.

With His strength—
she said goodbye.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #113: Hook, Line and Sinker — write a poem using one or all five phrases offered (I used three: “…in the doorway where she stood…”, “…a blur of self-doubt…”, and “…he had gotten a taste of regret…”; as well as for Poetic Asides Prompt #225: write a “challenging situation” poem.



Special Note:  I’m celebrating week #104 in a row of writing to the prompts at The Sunday Whirl — that’s right, two full years without missing a week! Thanks, Brenda, for the weekly inspiration!



Upon reaching the threshold
of her limits, for the ninth time,
a slight sigh escaped her lips;

with all her might, she drew
her sword. Skeptical of her own
control, yet bold in her effort,

she plunged the sword deep
into his heart (as she had often
imagined before). Tears saturate

her broken heart once again.

P. Wanken


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl #104: saturate, control, bold, unwind, sword, often, skeptical, slight, might, sigh, ninth, and threshold. Posted for day 43 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.


Silent Chimes


Evening on the coast

(Photo credit: obscure allusion)


She stands
where vast darkness
skirts the curved edge
of reality

mist fills her eyes,
scattered thoughts
mirror shattered nerves
and raw, tattered heart

the last straw
has tipped the scale,
her balance
is lost.

P. Wanken


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl #93: chimes, scattered, mirror, skirted, raw, mist, straw, scale, vast, curved, edge, tattered; and posted for Day #86 for the “100 Days of Fall/Winter 2012” challenge.

Once Upon A Full Moon



did I
have to fall
in love by the
light of the full moon
so bright? every month I
gravitate to its brilliance –
drawn in by the beams of the night –
lost momentarily in memories
of you, and days that are long out of sight.

P. Wanken


A prompt at dVerse Poets Pub asked us to write a poem of beautiful sadness. Click their link to read the excellent example on their post, as well as a whole host of other poets’ responses to the prompt.

I am also linking to “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook, for Day 40.

Foggy Traffic(king)

(a shadorma)

vision blurred,
ransacked by weeping;
confidentially: kids charmed
with stickers, traded.

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl prompt #43, to use the following words in a poem: trade, customers, confidential, fog, weeping, visions, blur, charms, belt, interview, sticker, and ransacked. I used all but “belt.”

My heart breaks when I hear stories of children being exploited.