haiku (form)

Fifty Years In Seven Days



sunshine smiling down
on pigtailed girl as she reads ~
childhood on the farm

storms were brewing on
not so distant horizon ~
household divided

nearly straight A’s
by graduation day ~
hard work pays off

some things are given
while other things are taken ~
childhood was ended

twenty-nine years pass
into year number thirty ~
milestone or millstone?

leaving the Midwest
for hotter desert pastures ~
family comes first

I wasn’t ready
for Dad’s diagnosis ~
death came knocking

P. Wanken

Shared at Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT 185 – What A “Week” It Was!

The prompt was to write a series of seven haiku — covering a week. Instead of doing a consecutive week, I first considered doing a series of seven that covered the lifespan (the “ages of man”) in the universal sense. However, I ended up seeing images in my mind — snapshots of life. So, my series covers fifty years instead of seven days. And — while these seven stanzas are haiku-like, I do not pretend to have any skill in writing real haiku. That takes more time to master than the short 5+ years I’ve been writing poetry.