full moon

Hunter’s Moon (a haibun)

Hunter's Moon

Hunter’s Moon (photo credit By poolski)


I sit quietly in the waning hours of sunset. My patient nature works to my advantage on such nights as this. My thoughts wander to my wife and children, doing their part in preparing for winter, storing up the last of our harvest. I anticipate how next year will be different when my son will accompany me on this hunt—the oldest in my quiver, with his own bow and quiver. The slight crunch of leaves returns my attention to the clearing in front of me and my sight is set—on both the future and the present—as I draw my arrow across the bow.

for changing seasons ~
the moon rises

P. Wanken


Inspired by Poetic Asides PAD (poem-a-day) Chapbook Challenge, Prompt #2: Full Moon.

Once Upon A Full Moon



did I
have to fall
in love by the
light of the full moon
so bright? every month I
gravitate to its brilliance –
drawn in by the beams of the night –
lost momentarily in memories
of you, and days that are long out of sight.

P. Wanken


A prompt at dVerse Poets Pub asked us to write a poem of beautiful sadness. Click their link to read the excellent example on their post, as well as a whole host of other poets’ responses to the prompt.

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