Gone Fishin’

Samy Charnine's "The Sea Inside"

GONE FISHIN’ (a piku)

My ways are
always His ways.

P. Wanken

This poem is written in response to the prompt given by margo roby for this week’s Tuesday Tryouts. Though she included a couple “surreal” art images in her post, the exercise she gave was not to write a poem to go with surreal art. I will tell you that surrealism is not something that draws my interest. The exercise she provided seemed downright silly to this concrete/logical thinker! So, in corresponding with margo, we thought perhaps looking at some surrealistic paintings/artwork might spark an interest. After all, margo has given some paintings as prompts to write to in the past, which I have enjoyed, so I decided to give it a go. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find an artist whose surreal art I liked!