In The Blink Of An Eye


The clock is incessant in its reminder that time is slipping away from me. BANG! Seconds are ticking by. BANG! Each one as jolting as the shots ringing out in the solemnity of that day so long ago. BANG! Yet they don’t stop at 21. BANG! They keep on keeping on. BANG! My blood pressure rises with each one. BANG! My pulse races. BANG! Will my heart burst from chest? BANG!




I hear voices around me, but they are like distant murmurs in the echoes of that clock. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who has come to say goodbye. In spite of them, I feel so alone in this darkness. My husband waits for me, I’m sure of it. But I’m afraid. This is not a journey I’ve been on before. I don’t know what to expect. I want to join him. But I’m afraid. Was he afraid, too?

Wait, why do I not hear the clock? Where did the murmuring voices go?

“Who are you?” A beautiful being stands before me, wrapping me in light. More specifically, I wonder how it is that I am able to see. I feel the warm touch of a hand to my head.

Time stands still.

“Do not be afraid.”



Written in response to an excerpt of the lyrics from Santana’s and Everlast’s “Put Your Lights On” (songwriters: ERIK SCHRODY © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc):

There’s an angel, with a hand on my head
She say I’ve got nothing to fear


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Mystery In Manchester

Adolphe Valette

Adolphe Valette


Wary eyes
peer through rain-glazed panes
as merchants
move through streets
unfazed, unaware of the
death between these walls.

P. Wanken

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Place Of Rest

Photo Credit: Inge Tuncer

Photo Credit: Inge Tuncer



(a shadorma)

She rests in
the warm rays of the
setting sun.
Time has run
out on the dreams of her youth…
her end has begun.

P. Wanken



Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 45 ~ Brown/Meditation.


Author’s Note: 
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Inge Tuncer, for letting me use his photo in my post. To see more of her work, click on the photo above.


"Flamboyant" (Photo Credit: Esa Mela)

“Flamboyant” (Photo Credit: Esa Mela)

(a shadorma)

“Beauty crowds me till I die”
~ Emily Dickinson

There she stands,
flamboyant and bright;
tall and red,
what a sight.
I, planted in her shadow,
will wither and die.

P. Wanken 




Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 9 ~ Red.  Also posted for Creative Bloomings Prompt #160: Emily Dickinson.


Author’s Note: 
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Esa Mela, for letting me use your photo in my post. (If anyone is interested in seeing more of his work, click on the picture to go to Esa’s photography page.)