A Dance With A Dragon


drawing upon the abstract
her heart aches for him
drawn to him, in spite of the cacophony
the coda to her life’s score

flying free on dragon’s wings
loving—and mourning—the ethereal
exquisite, the moment they shared
so sour, the departure, as if fermented

folded up, as precise as origami
she was shelved, as a toy that lost its shine,
until music filled her shimmy
her spangling catching his eye once again

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl “Anniversary” prompt: aches, exquisite, abstract, shelved, ferment, dragon, coda, shimmy, origami, spangling, cacophony, and ethereal.

PS – a note about the process I used to write this week’s wordle: I wrote one line for each of the twelve words, in the order they were provided in the email. Whatever came to mind. And then I arranged the words in alpha order, and arranged their corresponding lines in that order. I had to change a couple pronouns, and added one word. I was amazed it actually flowed.