My Own Little World



One of two children
on a farm of many acres,
my quest for friends
left me few takers.

Though other boys and girls
I often went without,
my world was full of friends
of that, there’s no doubt.

Prudence our pup,
a big St. Bernard,
let me hang out with her
in our big front yard.

Sometimes, in the shade,
I’d read a book with Dotty.
She was one of our pigs,
big, white, and spotty.

When I needed a retreat
I’d listen for the meows,
and scramble up the ladder
to find kitties in the mow.

And so it was, as I went
on my adventures, solo,
with no one to return
my “Marco’s” with “Polo”.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #79 (Memoir Project – Part #14): Hanging Out