Theme Thursday

Catching Up

After a busy week and falling behind a bit in my responding to prompts, a quiet Friday evening afforded me the opportunity to answer SIX prompts. I just happened to be able to do it with one three-lined poem:

Plans and dreams unmet, our future slipping through my fingers.
A brick wall, when viewed differently, could really be the next step.
I welcome God’s words: “For I know the plans I have for you…”

Here are the 6 prompts I used:

Sunday Scribblings:  The Next Step

Poetic Bloomings:  use a line from one of your favorite poets or poems as the inspiration for your poem (*I didn’t choose a poet per se — I chose a favorite passage of Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11)

Carry On Tuesday:  write a poem using all or part of the title from one of Abba’s songs: Slipping Through My Fingers

Poetic Asides Wednesday prompt:  write a “Welcoming” poem

Poetic Bloomings “In-Form” prompt:  write a Sijo poem –  the classic form of unrhymed poetry in Korea. Sijo have three long lines. Each line varies between 14 and 16 syllables, with the middle line the longest. The first line states a theme, the second line counters it, and the third line resolves the poem.

Theme Thursday:  Brick

Insomnia (a shadorma)

INSOMNIA (a shadorma)

can’t think straight,
my head aches…
takes over;
going through the motions, in
my world without sleep

P. Wanken

written for Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge
Day 28:  write a “the world without something else” poem. If you remember on Day 3, I had everyone write a “the world without me” poem. This prompt imagines the world without something else, whether a person, place, thing, etc.


Theme Thursday’s prompt:  sleep

On second thought…

On second thought…

So many decisions
are made in one’s lifetime

some decisions are made
with no thought at all. . .
. . . what to eat for breakfast
. . . what color to paint your toenails
. . . what to watch on television
. . . which shoes to buy

some decisions are made
only after a lot of thought. . .
. . . where to go to college
. . . which job to accept
. . . who to marry
. . . where to live

unfortunately. . .
some decisions are made,
only to be followed by second thoughts.

P. Wanken

written for Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge
Day 21:  second thoughts
Theme Thursday prompt:  television