Theme Thursday

Forced Movement


In the stillness
of this room,
I lie.
I have no desire
to move.
I close my eyes
to shut out the world,
the pain.
I let the wind softly
through branches
lull me;
move me to a place
of forgetting.

The world goes black.

Yet another day
has come.
My eyes are
open but see
Staring blankly into
the darkness
I rise.
Somehow I manage
one foot in front
of the other
to move
through the day.

Only to do it all again.

P. Wanken

Written for We Write Poems prompt to write a “moving” poem. Go to their site to read more of their instructions. There is also a loose tie to the Theme Thursday prompt: tree.

Return to Sender

Dear Mother:

Your postcard came today. I know God
will watch over Father wherever he is
being sent, just like you told me God would
watch over me when I was sent here.

I am using my best manners, like you asked.
It’s hard sometimes. Students at my school
say I am different and do not want to be my
friend. I get lonely.

Aunt Barbara said I didn’t have to call her Mum
like Sally does. She tries to make me feel better
but she doesn’t sing to me like you do. She does
hold me tight when the loud sirens go off and we
have to sit in the dark. It is scary, but she is nice
to me when I am afraid.

Will you be able to come for me soon? I will be
nine next week.

I miss you.


Theme Thursday’s prompt this week was “letter.”  I had been contemplating my response to the prompt and decided to actually write my piece in the form of a letter. Until I watched a documentary tonight, I didn’t know who the sender or the recipient would be. I still do not know them — the documentary merely inspired the contents of the letter, which could have been written by any of the children of the Kindertransport project in 1938-39.

Hopes…and Dreams


“Something old, something new…”
A familiar phrase, four simple
words that fill my mind

with images of white lace
and flowers and shiny gold rings
of promised love, eternal.

A blessing I have not known.

Instead, my years have been filled
with loneliness.
Not entirely alone

thanks to a multitude of friends;
yet, a loneliness that permeates
as I close tear-filled eyes each night.

A curse that has not escaped me.

I long for the comfort
of knowing my place at another’s side.
To have someone

to come home to.
No longer the square peg
trying to fit in the round hole.

A hope that I’ve not given up.

Until then, longing will be
my companion while I write,
avoiding the hour when tears

are absorbed by my pillow
and sleep finally takes me
to where I am no longer

Someone Old or Someone Blue.

P. Wanken

Process Notes:  As I sat down to respond to writing prompts from the past few days, my mind became filled with words and they sort of all mashed together. In trying to pull them apart to write the poem, I found my words wanting to create the process notes first. To tell you WHY I’ve written what I’ve written…when I haven’t even written anything yet!

So here I am with my laptop, trying to make sense of the thoughts, feelings, and words inside of me. Let me give you a glimpse.

The first prompt I thought about was one from Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts. She used the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to instruct us in choosing some words to use as a prompt. Due to the recent ending of a relationship, that phrase alone conjured up some significant emotion. Which is why it’s Saturday and I haven’t written to that Tuesday prompt.

The next prompt site I visited this week, in hopes of finding a more uplifting topic, was Poets United Thursday Think Tank. The prompt there: loneliness. Seriously?? The site gave some photos and written examples to start us thinking, along with the “out” of using the word “alone” if we didn’t want to go to the deep place of expressing loneliness. Because I’ve been writing from a deep place of emotion, I thought “no problem.”

But there were two more places I could look for a prompt. We Write Poems gives a prompt for Thursdays, but they ask for the poems to be posted on the following Wednesday. I thought I would post sooner than that, but went there anyway. That prompt was provided by a fellow blogger/poet, and it was to look for “new words” to use. We were given the latitude to use whatever means we wanted to choose the new word or words. I decided to go online to “Word of the Day” at and pick from the list of recent words. Not all were new to me, so when I read through the list from the past couple weeks, the ones that stood out as “new” were:

lucubrate: to work, write, or study laboriously, especially at night.
plangent: beating with a loud or deep sound; also, expressing sadness.
leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme.

I chuckled to myself at the irony. Those words tie together to describe most of my evenings from the past month.

OK. On to the last prompt location I visit every Thursday: Theme Thursday. Surely there is something there for me. I didn’t write a response to last week’s Theme Thursday prompt (“round”), so maybe I could do a twofer for Theme Thursday. Once there, I discovered “square.” And what does one think when the words “round” and “square” are in the same sentence? Well, for me, the phrase “square peg in a round hole” came to mind. A way to describe something that doesn’t fit, even if you really want it to.

With all of those prompts in mind, I wrote “HOPES…AND DREAMS.”  (And yes…AFTER the process notes were written.)


Update…the three “new words” felt forced, and I was not the only one to feel that…so they’ve been replaced in the poem, but are still very much part of the process that got me here.

Simple Piku

I am beat.

must get some sleep.

P. Wanken

This form is “Piku” ~ taken from the mathematical term “pi” (which is 3.14) and the poetic form “haiku” (a 3-line poem of a certain syllabic length). This form is three lines, following the syllabic pattern of 3-1-4 (in reference to the math term “pi”).  Get it!?  🙂  Makes for a very short, simple poem. Which, in its very nature, addresses the Theme Thursday prompt for today:  “simple”.  The picture of a mathematical equation is also a part of the prompt. It is what made me immediately think of the piku form.  [As a side note: it took waaay longer to write these “process notes” than it did to write the poem! LOL]