Trying a new form – it involves a rhyme scheme that was a bit of a challenge. Initially, I wrote only one stanza. Then I decided to take it one step further, carrying the rhyme pattern into a second stanza. Had I left it at just the first stanza, it was a bit of a comedic poem. However, the second stanza brings some introspection…which I felt I needed today.


Chocolate. Slips past my lips to grip
my hips, and makes no haste to encase
my waist and thighs. Why!?
I cry (…as I ingest the rest.)

Stressed, I’m beaten by what I’ve eaten,
sweetened attempts to preempt feelings.
Not exempt from strife, my life
is rife with blessings, I’m guessing. (If only I look.)

P. Wanken

Shared at Poetic Bloomings 


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