Month: May 2019

Playing Favorites



Instant pots and next day deliveries. Bullet trains and watch phones. Alexa and Siri. Everyone is in a hurry for whatever it is they want. The pace of this rat race could have me on the road to the chiropractor to work out the kinks of stress. Instead, I take a deep breath of fresh air coming through my car’s windows and drive until there’s more grass than concrete…and exhale my troubles away.

four walls closing in
retreat to the countryside
turn the quiet up

P. Wanken

Shared at Poetic Bloomings

* “Playing Favorites” prompt is to use a line from someone else’s poem (I used a song) as inspiration for a new poem. “Turn the Quiet Up” was taken from Eric Church’s song, “Smoke A Little Smoke.”


Trying a new form – it involves a rhyme scheme that was a bit of a challenge. Initially, I wrote only one stanza. Then I decided to take it one step further, carrying the rhyme pattern into a second stanza. Had I left it at just the first stanza, it was a bit of a comedic poem. However, the second stanza brings some introspection…which I felt I needed today.


Chocolate. Slips past my lips to grip
my hips, and makes no haste to encase
my waist and thighs. Why!?
I cry (…as I ingest the rest.)

Stressed, I’m beaten by what I’ve eaten,
sweetened attempts to preempt feelings.
Not exempt from strife, my life
is rife with blessings, I’m guessing. (If only I look.)

P. Wanken

Shared at Poetic Bloomings