The Sound I Proclaim


I admit –
when I set out to
begin my
blog, to break
my silence with echoes of
my thoughts, I was scared.

I still am.
Letting words escape
into the
great beyond
of cyberspace takes courage.
One verse at a time.

P. Wanken

Shared at 1Sojournal for NaPoWriMo – Day 1.


    1. Thanks, Brenda…I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with making all of the reading/commenting rounds required to really do NaPoWriMo justice. But I’m giving it a go. One of the reasons I dropped away from so many of the prompt sites–not enough time to read/comment in a manner that does justice to doing so. I have looked back at some my early “Whirl” poems and still believe they’re among some of my best…and I thank you for those prompts that gave so much to forming my early poetry writing skills! ❤


    1. Ron., I think I mentioned this in a comment/reply elsewhere…thank you for being one of the earliest supporters of my writing…and for hanging with me over the years. I cannot begin to tell you enough how much that means to me. Thank you!! ❤


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth…for the prompt and for stopping by. This first prompt fit so nicely into the title of my blog: “echoes from the silence”…couldn’t NOT write this one!


  1. Paula, I can relate to this. I quiver before hitting the button. I am happy to have an opportunity to read your writing this month. It has been a long time, eh?

    Pamela ox


    1. Yes…it’s been a while! I was writing to 5-6 different prompt sites each week for a while there. Life got way to busy to keep that momentum (besides a couple of the sites closing).

      Thanks for stopping by…I look forward to the month! ❤


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