Mary Cassatt’s Le Figaro

Mary Cassatt - Reading Le FigeroI didn’t exactly follow the path of life most women did from my time and place. I explored the world, leaving my hometown in the U.S. to travel Europe. The people I met and the places I lived shaped my thoughts and gave me a new perspective of my surroundings, new and old. This was not a life for a married woman. So it was alone that I pursued my art. It was alone that I made my place among the greats. However, that morning as I looked across the room at my mother reading the newspaper, I realized my independent path was not founded on my explorations. For that, I needed only to look closer to home.

a mother’s love
shown through more than kisses
lays the foundation

P. Wanken

Shared at Margo’s Wordgathering



    1. Well, it wasn’t a shadorma, Ron. But I hoped you’d approve!! 😉

      I had fun doing a little research on the artist and the painting. I just added a bit of “historical fiction” to it!


  1. It’s official: the ornaments are packed. Back to life!

    I love where this went. I was happily going down one path when your speaker took hold and shifted the direction.


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