This Year’s Autumnal Equinox




Autumn leaves
me feeling wistful,
wishing for
warm sunshine
and the fresh crisp air I knew
from my days of youth.

We knew the
days were shortening
and that the
snow would soon
fly through the skies; the colors
of fall would leave us.

This meant we
played while the sun shone,
we raked leaves
into piles
for fun and bonfires…we would
always want some more.

Living now
in the South, where leaves
remain green,
Autumn is
just another day on the
calendar to me.

P. Wanken

Shared at Phoenix Rising


  1. A great series, PW. I’m hoping to leave behind the summer doldrums; tend to write more in the fall/winter. I hope I write this well. Salute.


    1. Thank you, Ron. You’re too kind.

      And…be thankful that you don’t have the long summers of the South — that would be a heckuva long doldrum!



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