A New Awakening


The Parthenon

(a shadorma)

My muse had
yet to be born when
I stood in
shadow; yet, part of me knows
she was awakened.

P. Wanken

In the mid-1990’s, I visited Athens for the first time. It would be more than a dozen years later that I would write my first poem, but I remember standing in awe of this great monument–gazing on her ancient beauty, wanting never to forget the feeling of being a speck of dust in the continuum of life and eternity. I knew that I needed to remember that feeling. I just didn’t know, at the time, that I should be writing about what I saw.

Shared at Phoenix Rising


    1. Yes, Candy, I suppose that’s the case. The last time I wrote anything that would count as poetry was in the 2nd grade…until I started my blog in late 2010.


    1. Emotional & spiritual…..

      I was also deeply moved walking through the “streets” of Corinth. I believe that I must also make it to the Holy Land one day.

      Glad you enjoyed this piece.


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