Bury Your Head

An extended PiKu to close out PAD 2015,  30 days, 30 poems…
and my 1,000th poetry post!



in my chest
your tears subside.
the pain slowly fade
away with each breath, each exhaled sigh.
your head in my chest, ‘til
you feel the safety
of my arms’
embrace. Let the pain
fade away with each tear-filled goodbye.

Paula Wanken

Shared at Poetic Asides for PAD 2015 – Day 30: Bury The (Blank)


    1. Thanks, Mosk! I appreciate the feedback. Glad the tenderness came through.

      And thanks for the “congrats” — considering I “hated poetry” most my life, I can’t believe I’ve been writing it…let alone have 1,000 posts worth! (There haven’t been many poems I’ve written that I haven’t posted to my blog, so 1,000 is a pretty close number.) 🙂


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