Holding On To Summer

Photo Credit: Katja Minkkinen

Photo Credit: Katja Minkkinen

cool morning air
coaxing changing colors ~
I hold on to summer

P. Wanken


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 100 ~ drop (well…a loose interpretation of “drop” which is kind of like “fall.” And when I think of “fall” I think of “Autumn.” Which means saying goodbye to summer. And with this post, on the last day of the 100 Days of Summer 2014 project, I thank the many photographers who provided 100 days of inspiration! Thank you, all!


Also shared at Creative Bloomings for Prompt #167: Lost In Conversation.

Author’s Note:
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Katja Minkkinen, for letting me use this photo in my post.


    1. Well, yes…summer is holding on here in South Texas, too. That poem was more from the wistful memories of living in the Midwest! 😉 Enjoy it while it holds on, ViV! xo


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