Garden Of Grace

"Garden of Forget Me Nots" (Photo Credit: Aini Tolonen)

“Garden of Forget Me Nots” (Photo Credit: Aini Tolonen)

(a shadorma)

shades of blue and green
dance across
the ripples
of her mind; she grasps onto
fading memories.

P. Wanken


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 80 ~ blue.  Written in honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness month and my grandmother, Grace, who suffered from the disease.


Author’s Note:
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Aini Tolonen, for letting me use this photo in my post. To see more of her work, click the photo above.



    1. Thank you so much, Mosk! Seeing your name pop up here felt like a hug. So…your “sending of love & hugs” was a success. ❤ I'll keep writing….you too, K?


    1. Thanks, Pamela. I participated in fundraising efforts for Alzheimer’s Association “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” this past Saturday…this has been something on my mind all month as it is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. ❤


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