Day: 2014/08/09

Love Is A-Musing


I look at
the world around me
and I see
love. It’s not
always hearts and butterflies.
It can look like hate.

It can look
like sadness. And yes,
sometimes love
looks like a
simple smile shared by strangers.
Love is abundant.

I look, I see love
In all forms.
And love finds
its way into words, and words
find their way right here.

P. Wanken


Posted for Creative Bloomings Prompt #161:  Highly A-Musing.


Author’s Note: I struggled with this one because I don’t really feel like I have a “muse.” At least not to the point I could write about her/him/it. Then I heard a quote today in a movie…something like, “…until you’ve known love, you’ll never be a poet.” And I realized that, to an extent, love is my muse. Love in so many forms. This poem really is only a first exploration of such…so, in an effort to post my weekly offering to the prompt, I wrote about love as my muse.

Celebrating Summer

Cloudberries (Photo Credit: Kati Nykänen)

Cloudberries (Photo Credit: Kati Nykänen)

(a shadorma)

Clusters of
summery sunshine
in my mouth
leave me floating on cloud nine.
How can I not smile?

P. Wanken


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 56 ~ Orange / Closeup.


Author’s Note: 
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Kati Nykänen, for letting me use this photo in my post.