Day: 2014/06/23


"Flamboyant" (Photo Credit: Esa Mela)

“Flamboyant” (Photo Credit: Esa Mela)

(a shadorma)

“Beauty crowds me till I die”
~ Emily Dickinson

There she stands,
flamboyant and bright;
tall and red,
what a sight.
I, planted in her shadow,
will wither and die.

P. Wanken 




Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 9 ~ Red.  Also posted for Creative Bloomings Prompt #160: Emily Dickinson.


Author’s Note: 
Thank you to fellow challenge contributor, Esa Mela, for letting me use your photo in my post. (If anyone is interested in seeing more of his work, click on the picture to go to Esa’s photography page.)