"Warm and Red Berlin" (Photo Credit: Kaisa Vuorio)

“Warm and Red Berlin” (Photo Credit: Kaisa Vuorio)


When you see red
I see green
She’s in your head
when you see red.

She was your pearl, you said,
forever your queen.
When you see red
I see green.

P. Wanken 


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 4 ~ Green. Also shared at Poets United for their Midweek Motif: Light and Dark (not exactly in the same strain in which it was intended, I’m sure…but light/dark contrast nonetheless).


Author’s Note: 
This photograph was actually posted for a different day/theme, but I continued to return to it, being intrigued by the color, the feeling of looking in on others together, the reflections. Truly an interesting photo by fellow challenge contributor, Kaisa Vuorio.



  1. What a beautiful photo, Paula. And I really like your poem, “when you see red, I see green”. I so know the feeling – so lucky, the woman he sees as his pearl and his queen.


  2. Fine poem. I see the connection to glass half empty/full which could translate to light and dark, I think. Please make a point of visiting the other poets at Poets United.


    1. My connection to the dark/light theme was of a more moody nature…love/hate(envy), but thanks anyway. And…yes, I always visit others as I’m able. I rarely have time all at once to do my writing/posting AND visiting.


    1. Thanks, Rosemary…I’ve been using photos from a “100 day” challenge…most post photographs for the challenge. So my inspiration comes daily!


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