Day: 2014/06/16

Poet Tree

Photo Credit: Marjaana Valve Os Leppänen

Photo Credit: Marjaana Valve Os Leppänen

(a shadorma)

The flash of
a single image
triggers a
search for words
to express what my heart sees
and what my eyes feel.

P. Wanken 


Posted for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): Sky.


Author’s Note: 
Yesterday was the first day of “100 Days of Summer 2014.” The challenge is to post something “creative” daily for 100 days. There are two rotating “themes”, one for each day of the week, to pick from. For most people in this group, the creative outlet is photography. Already in just two days, I’ve been overwhelmed with the beauty in pictures. Almost from the very first picture I saw there, I knew that I would need to use some of them as inspiration for my contributions to this challenge. They say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well…I probably won’t write a thousand words for any picture, but I do hope you’ll join me in the coming days as I share some of the photos with you, along with the words they’ve inspired.

This first picture is from Marjaana Valve Os Leppänen, of Finland. I’ll give a bit more of an explanation for this poem because the photo symbolizes for me how it feels to write. I have moments that grip me in a way that can only be expressed in poetry. The sky is such a wide open canvas of possibility of words. However, sometimes there are obstacles in life that stand in my way of getting those words on paper (or, on my blog). Yet, in spite of the branches, I can still see the sky. Mostly because I know the sky is there. More than seeing it with my eyes, I can feel it. And if I give it enough time, I can also see it with my heart. Thank you, Marjaana for sharing your perspective through the camera’s lens.