Frozen Smiles

a selfie

a selfie

(a shadorma)

Just selfies
for me, no auto
biograph –
fees are too
great: everyone would see the

P. Wanken 

Written for Creative Bloomings Prompt #159: Auto Biography (with a twist). Posted also for 100 Days of Summer 2014 (Facebook Group): 1 – Portrait.



    1. Thanks, PSC. The twist of the prompt was to tell why I would NOT want to write an autobiography…for me, it would reveal just a little too much of the part(s) of me I wouldn’t want “out there”. As ViV suggests, those places where I’m bruised (if not broken). Thanks for stopping by! ❤


    1. Thanks re: the title. That was the hardest part of writing the poem – coming up with the title. As for broken…perhaps ViV said it best (above): “…not broken – just bruised a little.” ❤


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