The Art Of The Matter

(a shadorma)

Day’s dark sky,
a pretty common
of unvoiced
grief; surprise is in helpless
flowers’ solid stance.

P. Wanken


Written for Micro Poetry Prompt May 23, 2014: Verbal Triage (to use six or more of the ten provided words, in a poem of 14 lines or less).



    1. Thanks, Misky! 🙂 I like writing the short form of the shadorma. It’s always a challenge to do so when I’m using words from a wordle. I was trying to find a painting to go with the image I was drawing in my head as wrote the poem…if I had more talent in the drawing realm, I’d have just drawn it out. Hopefully I did so, enough, with my words. 🙂


        1. Ha! Yes! You saw me in a photo, but I wouldn’t call it an art lesson (though I might pick up some pointers if I went enough times)…it’s one step up from “paint by number”. The teacher walks you through each step, telling you what to do. It’s fun…everyone can do it no matter their talent level. 🙂


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