Six Word Saturday…1/18/14


my idea of cold HAS changed


Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read how others describe their life in six words.



    1. I guess I’ve become more acclimated to South Texas weather than I realized. Or…maybe I’m just tired of the drastic differences between the morning low (in the lower 30s) when the afternoon high reaches mid- to upper-70s. Unless I layer my entire wardrobe daily, I’m either freezing in the morning or roasting in the afternoon. I don’t like roasting and not all my clothes are layerable, so I find myself feeling cold in the mornings. (I know, I know…I’m whining…) 😉


  1. I am not fond of cold at all. So Winter is not my favorite time of year. I become a hermit when it gets too cold! I do so much enjoy Springtime…and I am looking forward to it. I also love Fall weather….and I do like Summer too when it is not too terribly hot.

    Have a good Sunday and also a good week ahead!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    1. I live in South Texas…so summers are HOT. So – I enjoy the cooler weather of winter. However, after 10 years of living here (having moved here from the Midwest), I’m finding that “cooler” weather is now “cold” weather. 😉


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